cyber security

How is VDR protect your business from people or algorithms looking to steal important company secrets?

Whether it is a company, bank, lawyer or tax consultant, sensitive documents must be stored securely. The concept is now online – instead of physical data rooms, virtual data rooms are the norm these days. This article will explain how to keep your company secrets in a secure data room.

The prospects of data security in modern companies

Attention to information security problems is growing by leaps and bounds. International standards have been developed and successfully implemented, specialized publications have appeared, and conferences and seminars are being held. And there are more and more cases of data loss in business. Is it a paradox?

A rapidly growing enterprise, as well as a giant in its segment, is interested in making a profit and protecting itself from the influence of intruders. If earlier the main danger was the theft of material values, then today, the central role of theft occurs concerning valuable information. Not only its competitive advantages but often the business owner depends on the effectiveness of the information security system created in the company today. After all, hostile M&A deals usually begin precisely with information leaks, based on which a raider operation is planned. Therefore, this line of business is critical to the success and viability of any commercial organization. The most common problem is that information security management tends to be ad hoc. Most companies start building an information security system only after the leak of confidential information occurs. Only after a serious incident is resources allocated for these purposes, working committees are hastily formed, and other activities are carried out. Therefore, introducing a reliable security solution for organizing a company’s data management has become an urgent need for most companies today. And virtual data room is one of the best alternatives in this case.

What keeps your data secure in a digital data room?

All confidential information is stored in the data room on a special secret and remote server. Access to it is controlled and determined only by the management of the enterprise. According to the data room review, the decisive advantage is that the data room can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Data room offers the following security measures to keep your business secure from people or algorithms looking to steal sensitive company secrets:

  • cryptographic encryption method;
  • electronic signature;
  • creation of regular backup copies of the system and documents;
  • password identification;
  • audit and logging system;
  • digital watermarks.

The data room backup module creates copies of all information data on the main and backup secret servers. If any emergency occurs (shutdown or failure of the main secret server, for example), the module’s systems redirect information to the backup server. The encryption module encrypts all information collected and stored in this manner.

The encryption module of the data room encodes alphabetic and numeric data with crypto-resistant algorithms. The keys for encoding and encrypting information are transmitted to the user (manager) of the enterprise and are not known to the personnel servicing the protection system. This module protects databases, archives, applications, and e-mail. Thanks to it, you can hide the very fact of the presence of any confidential information. In the event of any threat, information data is blocked by the response module.